Tendon and Ligament Healing
A New Approach to Sports and Overuse Injury

Do you have a tendon or ligament injury which is slow to heal?

Are you a health practitioner seeking more effective techniques for tendon and ligament injuries?

"An essential book for both therapists and people suffering from sports and overuse injuries."

This book introduces exciting possibilities for healing from chronic sports injury.

Tendonitis and sprains are widespread in carpal tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries.

"Weintraub has created a valuable new hands-on approach."

Recovery Information

The 2nd edition is revised, expanded and updated with 40% new material. It strongly expands the self-help area of the book, increases focus on sports injuries, brings new research and osteopathic-
style techniques, and adds recent case accounts of recovery.

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by William Weintraub

Prefaces by Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D. and Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O.
Second, revised edition by Paradigm Publications

Copyright © 2003 William Weintraub, M.S.